Remote Visual Inspection

XL Lv Utility Video Borescope

A utility video borescope equipped to handle a wide variety of remote visual inspection needs. GE's video borescopes provide one of the best equipment values in the industry.


Our XL Lv VideoProbe system provides inspectors with unparalleled access—without a bulky base unit. Weighing as little as 1.77 kg (3.90 lb), the XL Lv VideoProbe system can easily “view anywhere.”


Excellent Image Quality

GE’s XL Lv borescope utilizes LED illumination to display excellent image quality. You can save clear, accurate still images and motion video to the internal flash memory or removable USB ThumbDrive.

Features and Benefits

• Lightweight portable design

• Still image and live video capture

• Full VGA LCD

• Optional automated inspection reporting and data tagging software (Menu Directed Inspection)

• Intuitive, easy-to-use controls

• Servo motor All-Way* Probe articulation

• Shipping and storage case included with system

• 1 GB internal flash memory

• 1 USB 2.0 port, VGA video out

• Full-tip optic interchangeability with secure double threads

• Two or four hour Lithium Ion Battery

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XL LV Video Borescope

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XL LV Video Borescope

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XL LV Video Borescope

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XL LV Video Borescope

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