Automated Ultrasound

Force P-Scan AUS-5

Widely recognised as the best scanners on the market, P-scan scanners deliver unbeatable durability, precision and usability. And the new P-scan AUS-5 is no different.

The P-scan AUS-5 represents a new generation of universal scanners. It includes an integrated touchscreen so you can operate it directly on the object or remotely from your PC. The compact design ensures you can use the scanner on almost any surface, and the robust finish makes it ideal for work in tough environments.


The ultimate in automated ultrasonic inspection

The P-scan Stack System is fully compatible with scanners developed for P-scan System 4 – or can be combined with the P-scan AUS-5 to deliver the ultimate in automated ultrasonic inspection. And you don’t need to depend on external power, because the P-scan Stack Battery delivers power to the scanner as well as the P-scan Stack System.


Touchscreen control

The integrated touchscreen allows you to operate the scanner directly on the object or remotely from your PC.


Ideal for most surfaces

The compact design makes the P-scan AUS-5 ideal for almost any surface, from small pipes to planar surfaces.


Quick to mount

The magnetic wheels attach easily to steel surfaces, saving you valuable time when setting up.

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