Automated Ultrasound

Force P-Scan Stack

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The P-scan Stack System with phased array represents a completely new way of thinking when it comes to automated ultrasonic inspection. With the best specs in the business in the lightest and most robust all-in-one system available, the P-scan Stack System allows you to perform inspections quickly and accurately – even in the most challenging environments.

Meet the Stack

The P-scan Stack System contains everything you need from an automated ultrasonic inspection system. But no two jobs are the same. So we developed the unique click-and-play stack system to give you the ultimate in speed, flexibility and reliability.

Increase your probability of detection


The P-scan Stack System beats all existing automated ultrasonic inspection Phased Array systems on technical specs, giving you an unrivalled signal to noise level and digitisation speed on any job.


Improved data accuracy

• Dynamic range: 100 dB

• Sample: Up to 120 MHz

• Amplitude resolution: 22 bit

• Faster inspections on large object

• Data throughput: Up to 30 MB/sec

• File size: Unlimited

Force P-Scan Stack







Technical specifications

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