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VisiConsult XRH222 Pipe

The system is designed for a maximum process and handling safety and allows inspection complying to EN-17636. All movements can be completely automated through CNC controllable axes and Xplus Handle sequences. The universal design and tube/panel choice makes this system perfect for other parts and industries as well.


• Customized to provide an inspection workflow with highest efficiency

• Double wall inspection of circumferential welds in compliance to EN-17636

• Maximum handling safety and antistatic/flame-proof design for explosives

• Can be tailored towards specific inspection requirements and parts

• Approved through reference installations in the defense industry

The XRH222 Pipe is a specialized system for safe double-wall inspection of circumferential welds of thicker pipe-like objects used in the defense industry. The spark proof and anti-static surface is approved to handle delicate explosive material and parts.





Visiconsult XRH222 Pipe


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