Radiography Systems

VisiConsult XRH433

The system contains of six CNC programmable axes. Especially the big magnification axis allows high quality micro-focus inspection. The system is capable of advanced inspection processes like Automated Defect Recognition (ADR) and Computed Tomography (CT). As an image source CR-plates, digital detectors or film can be chosen depending on the application. The layout and dimensions can be configured freely in respect to inspection requirements.


• Customized to provide an inspection workflow with highest efficiency

• Designed for high accuracy micro-focus inspection of aerospace parts

• Flexible choice between multiple image sources (DR, CR, RT)

• Can be tailored towards specific inspection requirements and parts

• Approved through reference installations in the aerospace industry

The XRH433 is a versatile system for highest inspection accuracy, while still maintaining flexibility. This system is a typical customized solution to test aerospace parts and can be easily tailored towards other inspection problems.







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